Caboodl Referral Plan

We love referrals! It feels great to have people share about our business. It helps us grow and lets us know that we're doing a great job. So, we want to pay people who are advocates for us and send new business our way. These are the terms under which we will make a referral payment for a new client.

New Client

We will make a referral payment to any Person that refers us a New Client. New Client refers to a homeowner who has signed up for our service and paid for our service. A New Client is someone with whom we did not have a previous relationship with Caboodl. We consider a relationship to be a person who has been in contact with Caboodl in some manner. That could be thorugh email contact, subscribing to our newsletter, being a member of one of our social groups (like Facebook). For a Person receive the referral payment, the New Client must provide the name of the Referrer at the time of signup for their first visit. Only one person can qualify for a referral payment for each New Client.

Amendments & Termination

Caboodl can change the terms of this referral plan at anytime and without notice. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the amount we pay for a referral, the timing of the payment, the definition of a New Clinet, etc. We will honour any referrals made prior to any change that we make to the referral plan


A cheque will be issued to the referrer after payment has been received from the New Client.