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How It Works

Your home. Managed

Your Caboodl Home Expert manages regular maintenance, repairs almost everything, and will quote any work you want completed.

35 pt. HomeCheck TM

Regular maintenance & inspections reduce breakdowns, shrink energy bills, and fix small problems before they become big.

Home Concierge

A dedicated team handles repair requests, provides advice, reminders and support for your home. Use concierge for any questions you have.

The 35 pt. HomeCheck TM (and counting...)

HomeCheck TM isn't just a checklist that we hand to you to manage. Most issues are repaired on the spot and the cost of parts and labour are included in your plan. HomeCheck TM parts are valued at over $150 and include filters, alarm batteries, toilet parts, water supply lines, and more...

No contract or term. Change your plan at anytime

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HomeCare TM

$ 49 / month
  • Dedicated Caboodl Home Expert
  • 35 pt. HomeCheck TM twice a year
  • HomeCheck TM includes $150+ in parts
  • Home Concierge
  • 1 complimentary service call
  • Competitive rates for repairs and project management
Most Popular

HomeCare Plus TM

$ 99 / month

  • Everything included in HomeCareTM
  • Annual dryer duct cleaning
  • 3 handyperson hours per year
  • 2 complimentary service calls
  • Save 10% on repairs & project management

HomeCare Premium TM

$ 149 / month
  • Everything included in HomeCare PlusTM
  • Annual Hot water tank flush/descale
  • Annual AC condenser cleaning
  • 8 handyperson hours per year
  • Unlimited complimentary service calls
  • Save 18% on repairs & project management


With more than 10 years experience maintaining properties, we know a thing or two about home maintenance. Put our experience to work on your home

Proprietary process | Fully insured | Prompt & Professional Team

Get reminders + advice to maintain your home and save money.